All corporate powers of the District are vested in and exercised by an elected Board of Directors consisting of five members, serving staggered terms of six years. The service area of the District is divided into four subdivisions represented by four directors, with the fifth member elected as an at-large representative.

Board meetings are held monthly at the District headquarters at 3111 Progressive Road in Seward, Nebraska and are open to the public. If you would like to contact your board representative or attend a meeting, please call (402) 643-2951.

Board of Directors

Address Term Expires
Tom L. Sieck, President
Area 4
1856 Holdrege Road
Pleasant Dale NE 68423
William Hartmann, Vice President
At Large
1255 238th Unit 10
Seward NE 68434
Dennis Hentzen, Secretary
Area 3
3115 Fletcher Road
Seward NE 68434
George Downing, Treasurer
Area 1
2477 Waverly Road
Seward NE 68434
Fred Schluckebier, State Director
Area 2
1910 336th Unit 20
Seward NE 68434


Joel Navis

General Manager

Julie DeBoer

Manager, Finance & Administration

Daryl Hansen
Operations Manager

Timothy Pozehl

Consumer Services & Engineering Manager

Paul Cowan
Operations – Engineering Coordinator

Deanna Slawnyk


Karen Barth

Billing Clerk

Rita Kocian


Tim Kraft

Journeyman Lineman

Nate Myers

Journeyman Lineman

Jeff Juranek


William Nitzsche

Utility Support Technician

Darrell Meese

Crew Chief

Todd Pfeil

Journeyman Lineman

Jeff Bohning

Journeyman Lineman

Darryl Wattier

Journeyman Lineman

Garett Stutzman

Apprentice Lineman


On April 10, 1937, 60 farmers voted to proceed with the organization of a public power district under the terms of the Rural Electrification Act and began to circulate petitions necessary for recognition. By August 15, 1938, the petition was officially filed in the office of the Department of Roads and Irrigation containing the signatures of 1,161 residents requesting the creation of the Seward County Rural Public Power District. The first meeting of the Board of Directors was held September 13, 1938 to adopt by-laws and elect officers. Founding Directors and Officers were: L.C. Geis, President; George Hartman, Vice President; Harry Westerhoff, Secretary, K.C. Fouts, Treasurer; and Directors J.B. Walford, August Sieck and Frank Tomandl.

The District applied for a loan from the Rural Electrification Administration on March 10, 1939 for the construction of 228 miles of line in Seward County. The first distribution lines were energized on April 18, 1940.

By the end of June, 1946, 670 rural consumers were receiving electric service with another 572 people on the waiting list. The District grew from 670 customers in 1946 to over 2400 consumers by 1977. Demand for affordable and reliable electricity in rural areas continues to grow. While the District is primarily a rural distribution system, demand for energy services for commercial and industrial consumers has contributed to the need for increasing infrastructure investment.

The current service area of the District does not include the City of Seward or Milford, but we proudly serve the smaller communities and rural residents of Seward County and fringe areas of Lancaster, Butler, Saline and York counties. The growing diversity in the customer base of our service area led to the decision in 2000 to update our name by dropping the Rural from our title.