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Budget Billing

Budget Billing is a popular program among District customers.

Seward County PPD’s budget billing program allows customers to pay electric statements in 11 equal payments and then make settlement in the twelfth month, based on the average of the previous year’s energy costs. The monthly billing will show the actual energy usage and amount, as well as the budget billing amount that is due and the current balance on the account. Throughout the year, your budget billing amount may be adjusted up or down to more accurately reflect your actual energy usage. This helps prevent a large total due in the settlement month, the month a consumer would pay the actual amount due. Settlement month each year occurs in July.

To qualify for budget billing, customers must have established 12 months of consumption history which is used to calculate the budget amount, and must maintain a current payment record.

Budget billing can be paired with the District’s Automatic Bankdraft program for added convenience.

For more information please contact the Billing Department at (402) 643-2951.

Automatic Bank Draft

This program was developed to make bill paying easier and much more convenient for our consumers. It works this way: Upon receiving authorization from our customers, the amount of their balance due each month is deducted from their bank account on the due date. There is no need to write a check or be concerned about getting a payment to us on time. This program is provided at no additional cost. For information or to request an enrollment form, contact the Billing Department at (402) 643-2951.

Automated Meter Reading – Are We There Yet?

Good news for those of you on rural service that have gone out to read the meter every month over the years.   You are officially relieved from this duty. For those of you who live in town, this is no big deal as the utility has always read your meter.

It’s our understanding that the District has now replaced all the residential meters throughout the District’s service area.  The billing you receive each month will also make it clear that you are no longer required to do this.  We have received many benefits from this two way connection to your meter and that includes the ability to give our consumers daily usage and hourly usage information upon request.

We hope among other advantages that this new technology will also help with restoring service during outages.  Over the next few years, subject to budget considerations, we hope to also replace more and more commercial meters and eventually move toward irrigation meter replacement.

We wish to thank all of you for your patience as this significant project reaches at least a temporary conclusion.


What is the customer charge?
The customer charge is designed to recover a portion of the fixed costs incurred to make your electric service available, regardless of when or how much electricity is used. It helps offset the expenses associated with maintaining the poles and lines that bring electricity to where you want it. A customer charge is collected from every active service point, but varies in the amount according to the type of service required.

When will I get my deposit back?
A deposit becomes eligible for refund to a customer’s electric service account once a 24-month record of payments by the due date has been established. Otherwise, the deposit and any interest accrued is applied to the final bill.

When is my bill due?
Bills are due each month on the 12th, unless the 12th falls on a weekend or holiday, then the due date is the following business day.

Why are rates higher in the summer?
During the summer billing months, our cost for electricity from our wholesale provider increases, and during the months of June, July, August and September, your billings reflect this increased rate. Likewise, our costs are less during the remaining months of the year, so you are billed at a lower rate during these months.