We’ve Moved. As of May 1st, 2017 we have merged with Norris Public Power District. Please update your links to www.norrisppd.com


Seward County Public Power District is your local, publicly-owned electric utility providing retail electric service to residential, commercial and irrigation customers in Seward county.

When you hear the word local, think of us, your local public power district. The fact that we are a publicly-owned utility, owned by the people we serve, keeps us focused on your needs and local priorities. Your district is a local business. That means we are conducting business through a locally elected board of directors where policy is proposed and carried out by local employees. Your District’s commitment to you begins with helping to keep your electric bill as low as possible. Unlike investor-owned utilities present in nearly every other state, your public power district pays no dividends and has no incentive to profit from operations. Margins that do become available are used instead to re-invest in plant by building up reliability through upgrades of aging facilities and equipment. Remember too, that because we are local, you can easily stop by our office and visit with someone you know about any part of your service.

We hope you feel welcome to contact our office whenever you have questions or comments about services provided by SCPPD. Stop by our office located on South Highway 15 or call 402-643-2951.