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Consumer Fee Schedule

New Connect Charge $10.00
Collection Trip $50.00
Disconnection for Non-Payment $50.00
Non-Payment Reconnect Charge $50.00 (office hours)
$80.00 (after hours, weekends, holidays)
Late Charge/Penalty $10.00
Returned Check Charge $15.00

New Connect Charge – a charge will be made according to the fee schedule for the initial installation of a consumers meter to a new or existing service. No such charge will be made involving meter installations for temporary service.

Collection Trip – A fee shall be collected to cover trip charges when an employee collects or attempts to collect a bill at the consumers service or premises.

Disconnection for Non-Payment – A fee shall be assessed to consumers whose service has been disconnected due to nonpayment according to the fee schedule noted above.

Non-Payment Reconnect Charge – If collection of an outstanding electric service bill results in the reconnection of a previously disconnected service, the District will require a connection charge as stated in the fee schedule above.

Late Charge/Penalty – For any bill with a balance unpaid after the due date a late charge or penalty will be added to the consumers bill as outlined in the preceding schedule.

Returned Check Charge – The district requires a returned check charge from the consumer for consumer checks returned for insufficient funds or any other reason. Future payments from said consumers must be in the form of certified check, postal money order or cash.

Security Deposits

Security deposits are required from all consumers or prospective consumers on each service account upon the following conditions:

  1. When signing up for a new service and the applicant has no prior record of being served by the District.
  2. When signing up for service and the applicant has been a previous consumer with poor credit history.
  3. When an existing consumer’s payment record deteriorates into a “poor credit risk” being defined as the issuance of six or more delinquent fees within a 12-month period.
  4. When an existing consumer’s account falls into a disconnect status and upon condition of service restoration.

For residential services only, the District may accept a written guarantee by an existing residential consumer, in good standing, who has been a customer of the District for more than two years.

Interest is earned on the deposit amount for each consumer at a rate equal to the January 1 interest rate available from the financial institution at which the meter deposit fund is held. Any and all interest earned shall be credited to the consumer’s account when the deposit is applied in accordance with the District’s deposit policy.

The deposit and any interest accrued shall be credited to the consumers account as soon as a 24-month period of good credit history has been established or applied to the final bill.

Contact the Billing Department for further details.